Easy Transit Tallinn

Instant arrivals for any stop, and route plans for any bus and tram in Tallinn and Harjumaa.
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Feature Highlights

Arrival Times On The Main Screen

Waiting for your bus? Start the app and learn the arrival time without having to choose or search for anything. Tap to see where your bus is right now.

Bookmarks For Single-Tap Routes

After searching for your home or work location, tap "+" to save it into an emoji button. Later plan your trip there with a single tap!

Fast And Simple

Optimized to give you all the info you need in under ten seconds. See a tram arriving at a stop? Learn where it goes and whether you should take it before it opens its doors!

Easy To Understand Directions

Instead of an interactive map and confusing lists, this app tells you what to do step-by-step. Where to go, how much to wait, with arrival times updated after actual vehicle locations.

Don't Get Lost

See that bookmark button on the top right? Tap it to pin the directions to the main screen. See where you are on these tiny maps so you don't miss your stop.

Free And Open

This app uses open transport data by the City of Tallinn. It is free, with no ads, no donations, and no tracking. Its source code is published on GitHub.